Medical Marijuana Ads Appear in USA Today

In light of the controversy and success of an advertisement for medical marijuana appearing in a recent edition of The New York Times, medicinal cannabis advocacy group, Americans for Safe Access recently partnered withLeafly, the masterminds behind this highly publ…

High Times

Neill Franklin: The Immigration Crisis: Just Another Byproduct of the Drug War

Until we alter our drug strategy, we can expect more murder and mayhem south of our border — and greater numbers of immigrants fleeing north for safety. <p>Read more: <a href=”/tag/homeland-security”>Homeland Security</a>, <a href=”/tag/central-america”>Central America</a>, <a href=”/tag/marijuana”>Marijuana</a>, <a href=”/tag/border”>Border</a>, <a href=”/tag/el-salvador”>El Salvador</a>, <a href=”/tag/crisis”>Crisis</a>, <a href=”/tag/honduras”>Honduras</a>, <a href=”/tag/mexico”>Mexico</a>, <a href=”/tag/obama”>Obama</a>, <a href=”/tag/drug-war”>Drug War</a>, <a href=”/tag/immigration”>Immigration</a>,…


Candy Jack Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures

Candy Jack Cannabis Strain Review And Pics The Candy Jack marijuana strain is a sativa strain which won second place at the first ever High Times Cannabis Cup in Denver. I was there, and sampled this strain, and it was very strong and very flavorful. It truly tasted like candy. The Candy Jack marijuana strain is…


Chris Weigant: Friday Talking Points — Past, Present and Future

Forty years ago today, President Nixon addressed the nation to announce he would be resigning the next day — the only time in US history this has happened. Today, President Obama announced the US will be dropping bombs on Iraq once again. That’s a pretty heavy-duty amount of the past to contemplate, in one week.…


David Sheff: Marijuana Should Be Legal, but We Should Protect Our Kids

            It's not often that the White House responds directly to a newspaper op-ed, as it did last week when the New York Times editorial board published its ...               <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/new-york-times">New York Times</a>, <a href="/tag/marijuana">Marijuana</a>, <a href="/tag/time-magazine">Time Magazine</a>, <a href="/tag/legalization">Legalization</a>, <a href="/tag/ondcp">Ondcp</a>,  <a href="/politics">Politics News</a></p>        

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Jess Coleman: Three Lies From the White House About Pot

The extent to which Obama’s administration has supported this nation’s drug laws — despite rapidly shifting public support and scientific evidence showing that marijuana, in particular, is by no means as dangerous as heroin, as federal law classifies it — is despicable. <p>Read more: <a href=”/tag/legalize-pot”>Legalize Pot</a>, <a href=”/tag/marijuana”>Marijuana</a>, <a href=”/tag/medical-marijuana”>Medical Marijuana</a>, <a href=”/tag/obama-administration”>Obama Administration</a>,…


Seattle Cop Who Issued 80 Percent Of Marijuana Tickets Removed From Duty

By Eric M. Johnson SEATTLE, July 30 (Reuters) – The Seattle Police Department has reassigned an officer who single-handedly issued abo… <p>Read more: <a href=”/tag/marijuana-police”>Marijuana Police</a>, <a href=”/tag/seattle-police-marijuana”>Seattle Police Marijuana</a>, <a href=”/tag/seattle-police-weed”>Seattle Police Weed</a>, <a href=”/tag/marijuana”>Marijuana</a>, <a href=”/tag/crime”>Crime</a>, <a href=”/tag/reuters”>Reuters</a>, <a href=”/tag/seattle-police”>Seattle Police</a>, <a href=”/tag/seattle”>Seattle</a>, <a href=”/tag/seattle-cop-marijuana”>Seattle Cop Marijuana</a>, <a href=”/tag/seattle-marijuana”>Seattle Marijuana</a>, <a href=”/tag/crime-marijuana”>Crime Marijuana</a>,…