Seattle Cop Who Issued 80 Percent Of Marijuana Tickets Removed From Duty

By Eric M. Johnson SEATTLE, July 30 (Reuters) – The Seattle Police Department has reassigned an officer who single-handedly issued abo… <p>Read more: <a href=”/tag/marijuana-police”>Marijuana Police</a>, <a href=”/tag/seattle-police-marijuana”>Seattle Police Marijuana</a>, <a href=”/tag/seattle-police-weed”>Seattle Police Weed</a>, <a href=”/tag/marijuana”>Marijuana</a>, <a href=”/tag/crime”>Crime</a>, <a href=”/tag/reuters”>Reuters</a>, <a href=”/tag/seattle-police”>Seattle Police</a>, <a href=”/tag/seattle”>Seattle</a>, <a href=”/tag/seattle-cop-marijuana”>Seattle Cop Marijuana</a>, <a href=”/tag/seattle-marijuana”>Seattle Marijuana</a>, <a href=”/tag/crime-marijuana”>Crime Marijuana</a>,…


How To Recognize Sulfur Deficienies In Marijuana Plants

Sulfur deficiencies are rather uncommon. They show up initially by yellowing the younger leaves (occasionally the leaves turn red or orange). Growth becomes slow as the leaves start to narrow and become brittle. The leaves are also small by comparison and they look mutated. During flowering, buds may die and the overall growth of the…


Legal Marijuana Gets Heavyweight Backing

The most authoritative paper in the United States has put its weight behind the federal legalization of marijuana, a momentous endorsement in the prol… <p>Read more: <a href=”/tag/new-york-times-marijuana-prohibition”>New York Times Marijuana Prohibition</a>, <a href=”/tag/marijuana”>Marijuana</a>, <a href=”/tag/new-york-times-editorial-board-marijuana”>New York Times Editorial Board Marijuana</a>, <a href=”/tag/nyt-marijuana”>Nyt Marijuana</a>, <a href=”/tag/new-york-times-editors-marijuana”>New York Times Editors Marijuana</a>, <a href=”/tag/marijuana-legal”>Marijuana Legal</a>, <a href=”/tag/pot”>Pot</a>,…


WHO Demands Drug Decriminalization

The World Health Organization, which serves as the health authority for the United Nations, is calling for lawmakers across the globe to reform their nation’s drug policies. Earlier this month, the agency published testimony, which finds the most effective method fo…

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Congress’ Latest Anti-Pot Crusader Misleads On Weed

WASHINGTON — If there’s one thing Rep. Andy Harris (R-Md.) wants you to know about his crusade to block the District of Columbia’s marijuana decrimin… <p>Read more: <a href=”/tag/marijuana-decriminalization”>Marijuana Decriminalization</a>, <a href=”/tag/marijuana”>Marijuana</a>, <a href=”/tag/dc-marijuana-decriminalization”>Dc Marijuana Decriminalization</a>, <a href=”/tag/eleanor-holmes-norton”>Eleanor Holmes Norton</a>, <a href=”/tag/dc-marijuana”>Dc Marijuana</a>, <a href=”/tag/marijuana-legalization”>Marijuana Legalization</a>, <a href=”/tag/andy-harris”>Andy Harris</a>, <a href=”/tag/washington-dc-marijuana”>Washington Dc Marijuana</a>, <a href=”/tag/eleanor-holmes-norton-marijuana”>Eleanor…


HIGH TIMES Interview: Johnny Winter

When I was just a wee little rocker of about 15, my dad brought me to see my first live concert — Dr. John, Buddy Guy, Junior Wells, and headliner Johnny Winter. I’d barely heard of the albinoaxemanbefore that night, but after hearing his southern slide…

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